Just a few of my favorite things in no order. The only things I list here are things I use/love/buy/do. 

Art and handmade: a twice-annual online pop-up featuring amazing handmade goods from artists and makers around the world. I’ve been a vendor in the past - but every year it gets better!

The ultimate in analog to-do, time management, journal, note, life keeper. 
Yea yea. I know. You've seen all the frou-frou pinterest boards. Good for them (for me, anything but plain = procrastination...). But it is a life/brain saver. No fancy layouts for me, friends, just a hard working, clean, and unadorned workhorse - as originally designed. I've been using it since the early days. 

Nut butters to end all nut butters. Eat well: Durham, NC made, and sourced from local farmers. If only I could get more of it. Currently jonesing for Almond Ginger. Please send some. 

Beautiful handmade and sustainable clothing from Haley Tucker… I will own her stuff when I’m back from my 1-year shopping hiatus!