Thoughts on Process (2)

Mallets, and the discomfort of pushing through being stuck.

...5. In the end, getting unstuck usually means making some real dog work, and pushing past it. Pushing past it is sometimes as fun as dropping a heavy metal plate on your toe.  

6. Early is good. Take that as you like 

7. Right handed? Paint water on the right. Coffee on the way left. 

8. Never leave your mallet low enough for the 2 year old to reach... 

Thoughts on Process (1)

Occasional notes and thoughts on art, artistic process, and the business of art. 

1. The best ideas keep you up, don't let you sleep, and nag at you until you make them happen.... no matter how long it takes. 

2. It's amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes

3. I never, ever, ever want to limit my self definition to something as one-dimensional as a brand. I am not a commodity. 

4. Learning good lessons is hard. And usually involves skinned knees and lightly bruised egos. ...And involves some annoying, if helpful, introspection. be continued...